I love the smell of tires in the morning !

From our good friends @ Edwin Europe !

“Under the shadow of the Biarritz Lighthouse, you can mingle with like-minded souls, grab a cold beer and feast your eyes. The ‘Village’ will be home to a phalanx of machines from Europe’s top motorcycle builders, restorers and hitherto secret private collections.”


Awesome DTRA season start at Leicester.

For the first round of the 2014 season Frank Chatokhine enjoyed the friendly DTRA circus mood and did really well with his his Rickman Metisse Flattracker. First place in all Vintage Class races and victory for the final at Leicester Speedway last week end.
Defying the weather forecast the UK dirt track season started with an explosive race meeting at Leicester Speedway. The 85% chance of rain turned into a 100% chance of exciting racing across all classes in round 1 of the DTRA National Championships.
For his very first Dirt Track championship race Frank Chatokhine was quite well prepared and tested a brand new home made steel shoe which helped to go a bit faster allowing a better feeling while cornering on the Rickman Flat Tracker.
The Leicester Speedway was also hosting a nice event Saturday night which Frank enjoyed a lot:
“We arrived Saturday night and had the good surprise to discover a Speedway race at our arrival at Leicester Speedway. We bought entry tickets and enjoyed couple of beers watching the race between the Lions and the Eagles. A really good way to get prepared for the first DTRA round on Sunday !
The Leicester race track is just perfect: well groomed and quite wide. The Rickman final transmission ratio was a bit short but it works well again. I had really good fun for this first races of the season.
I just can’t wait to meet all participants and organization crew again to enjoy these good times together. Many thanks again for the special vintage trophy which will have a very special place in my workshop !
See you for the round 2 at Coventry Speedway on may 18th !”
Frank Chatokhine thanks again all his sponsors who did help him to enter this year DTRA championship: Ateliers RUBY, Edwin Europe, Café Racer, Castrol, FTWco, Sideburn and Seurat 3.
See the complete Leicester round report on Dirt Track Riders Association website here !
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Photos: Ian Roxburgh


T110 Bobber for sale

Gary (UK) sells his pretty Bobber , listen to this:

T110 engine re built, guides,pistons,rings, valves,bores,gaskets,magneto,springs,
wheel bearings,spacers,shoes,fork springs,brakes,chain,spokes s/s,cables, carb,
new paint,tank,guard etc
original 1947 bobber!
pre bates front light.
pre war timing case.
borrani wheel.
silver lelf tank
lot of fab work  by ducksville custom,was out law bike!
engine rebuild by Barons speed shop.
more pics on application with full details via personal service from myself!
oil change every 400 mile from rebuild!

contact : garymargerum@googlemail.com


The Wheels and Waves Spanish Trail

Here is an awsome photo gallery from our winter recon ride. Hermann Köpf came from Munich to ride with us, his Ducati 860 GTS in one hand, a Leica in the other hand. Benoit Guerry our crew member in the back of the van shooting like a monkey in the cage, and Dimitri Coste Pilot ermeritus and fine photographer.
 Too hard to make a short selection... Enjoy !

©Hermann Köpf


©Benoit Guerry

©Dimitri Coste